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Joseph Loughborough

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The photographer Ephlin Cheng from Tainan, Taiwan which is behind the pseudonym 3cm, has a special fondness for unusual, sometimes absurd and surreal photographs.


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Home of the Day by hixrat

Aside from being a middle school teacher, he also enjoys traveling and eating. Congratulations hixrat of Tulsa, United States for having our Home of the Day!

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 My First Lomo Affair: Fotobes and his LC-A

Toby’s First Lomo Affair is truly an eventful one! Imagine attending a Lomography workshop and getting trapped in a swarm of zombies all in one day, talk about an exciting analogue adventure. Read on to find out more about fotobes’ First Lomo Affair with an LC-A!


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Arshile Gorky - Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia

"Between 1931 and 1934, Gorky made a series of more than eighty drawings and two paintings that he titled Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia. The inspiration for this important body of work came from Giorgio de Chirico’s 1914 painting The Fatal Temple [last image of the above set]. 

De Chirico’s mysterious painting, with its suggestion of the joy and suffering of the mother-and-son relationship, must have resonated with Gorky, who had by this time begun two important works on the theme of the artist and his mother.

With its interlocking shapes, shallow, Cubist-derived space, and compartmentalized imagery, the series represents a distinct departure from Gorky’s earlier experiments with the techniques and motifs of Cézanne and other modern masters.

Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia moved farther and farther from De Chirico’s work as it progressed, to the point where the two paintings on the theme can be considered among the most original of Gorky’s early accomplishments.”

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OMOCAT is finally graduating college!! (*~*~this saturday 4/19~*~*)

the ceremony is at 4:00pm PST but parking space is very limited and you may need a parking permit to attend! however the graduation showcase is open during the ceremony and will be open to all guests

i will be displaying most of my clothing, my new art book, catalog, the pretty boy booklet, as well as debuting the trailer for my upcoming video game OMORI. the OMORI kickstarter is planned to go live this weekend!! i’ll also be giving out some free OMOCAT and OMORI button pins if anyone is interested :>

to attend, you will need to park at the rose bowl:

1001 rose bowl dr, pasadena, CA 91103

there is a shuttle that will take you to my school (art center college of design) that runs from 5:00-6:00. after 6:00, you will no longer to be able to park without a permit, so if you are coming, make sure you account for traffic!

i would highly recommend this event if you’d like to check out a bunch of talented artists (and maybe talk to me?) :>

see you there!

PS: i will update this post with any new updates, so please check back if you plan to attend!

oh please, please help them
but. who does help gods

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